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Empirica Research & Consulting provides high quality expertise based on primary and secondary research in favour of its clients. Our work supports strategic decisions, helps solving difficult tasks and positively contributes to everyday performance of companies and institutions we cooperate with.

Empirica was established in April 2006 by people with large experience in market and opinion research, psychology, marketing and PR. The prime impulse was our finding that many research and consultacy agencies offer primary data, but its analyses and interpretation often remains on the surface. And that the gained information and presented results then aren’t adequate to client’s needs.

We are confident that the research output must be always tailor-made, must contain operative recommendations and must have a direct link to further activities of the client. We understand continuous consulting and counselling as integral part of the research process. Our goal is to apply knowledge, not to simply accumulate data.


Management of RESEARCH PROJECTS in following areas:

+ Education

+ Employee Engagement

+ Media

+ Politics & Social

+ Healthcare

+ Municipalities & Regions

+ Development & Construction

+ Advertising & PR

+ Brands

CONSULTANCY in following areas:

+ Overall research design & Strategy

+ Brand strategy

+ Definition & Implementation of new methodologies

+ Optimization of PR & Advertising content

+ Benchmarking

+ Measuring of Public value

+ Analyses of secondary data


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